Just Stay


Hello All, I’d like to say I just finished writing the final page of a novel, or I just completed a short story, or maybe even published an article, but I can’t say any of those. I have been reading, researching, and even writing in starts and stops, but writing nonetheless for brief times with large spans of time in between.

When I started this blog, I didn’t have a defined plan for its content. I wanted to connect with other bloggers as well as people who aspired to publish their writing. The first post was in April of 2012. Starting a blog was all part of a plan to hone my writing skills. I had been writing a young adult fantasy novel (I still am).

I never really did get this blog off the ground and I want to try again. I may find I will need to change the name of the blog to Laurel’s Rambles. 😀 Laughing.

Health issues since November of 2011 have caused me lost time, frustration, and stress. It is difficult for me to see myself as ill.  I’ve never smoked, I rarely drink, I eat right, and I like to exercise. Weird, Huh? Anyway, I’m having a tough time accepting this illness stuff. It came to me in the shower today, “I’m a healthy person trapped inside an ill body.” That being said I am going to try to post on this blog more often

Has anyone read The Light Between Oceans, by M.L.Stedman? It was a good read and an amazing first novel.  I googled M.L. Stedman and read an interesting interview at The Age Entertainment. I’d like to share some of what Stedman shared in the interview.

“When I start to write I let a picture or sentence or voice come to me.  …For me, the trick is to stay, just stay. It can be tempting to say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing there, but in my experience, if you wait without expectation or demand, there’s always something there that will eventually let itself be seen.”

This has a lot to say to me. If I “stay, just stay”, I will see my story unfold. It may change course, it may twist and turn, and it may even surprise me, but it will be written. I wonder how often we give up too soon, me included.

What do you think about M.L. Stedman’s process of writing? What is your experience? What do you do when you begin to write?

Let me hear from you. I appreciate all your individual ideas and feedback.

 Laurel  😀