Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline


“LollyWrites” I thought it was catchy and kind of cute. My family thought otherwise. My supportive husband and my (mostly) supportive children said, “Why Lolly?” My oldest said, “Who is Lolly?”  Lolly is a nickname for Laurel, but it is not one of my nicknames.

As it turns out I’m not nuts about “LollyWrites’ either. So the assignment to edit my title and tagline is extremely appropriate for me.

The problem began when I couldn’t come up with something that “reflects me.” Yes, I read my post, “Why Am I Here” and nothing came to mind. I tried listing adjectives that describe my personality and again nothing. Puns weren’t helpful and I couldn’t come up with a clever way to use my name. Finally, I decided I was making it more difficult than necessary. Not unusual. So, I have put it on the back burner to simmer.

How did you decide on your title, your tagline?


2 thoughts on “Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline

  1. I actually like your title and tagline because they sound like a reflection of who you are. You said that Lolly is a nickname for your name Laurel even though it isn’t your nickname. Also, you obviously love writing. Therefore, Lollywrites! 🙂 Your tagline sounds appropriate as well. I think both are very creative and unique to you as an individual.

    I used the same technique to establish my own. One of the fun things about being a writer is that when our creative juices get to flowing, our minds can come up with some pretty incredible things that actually get people to thinking because we don’t always make everything so black and white.

    So I say to you, “Write (Right) on, Lollywrites!” 🙂

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