The Good Stepmother


Dear Stepmother of my son,

This Mother’s Day I thought of you and how you have been there through the years for my son. He was six years old when you came into his life and became his stepmother. I admit it was a scary experience for me and now that he is grown and shares his early memories, I know it was a scary experience for him as well. But you won him over and I was not far behind.

You handled yourself with grace and dignity, respecting and valuing me as his mother. When he was small, and as he grew, you gave of yourself and gave him the wonderful gifts of a brother and a sister.

He is grown now with small children of his own and you are still there to support him and be another grandma to his boys.

Our lives have been enriched by your kindness, your generosity, and the respect you show to others.

Thank you for being the kind of person we all should aspire to be. Open, giving, loving, and humble. Thank you for being the good stepmom.


Please leave a comment and share inspiring stories of stepmoms or alternative caregivers you have experienced in your life. It’s good to hear positive stories.  Laurel

How Do You Write A Blog?


Hello All,

Here I am again. I haven’t given up and I don’t want to start over. Well, I actually did think about making a clean break and starting a new blog. Then I realized I didn’t have a different theme for a blog, so I will stick with this blog. I read a lot of blogs and some blogs share tips on the do’s and don’ts of a successful blog. I have so many ideas in my head about what to do or not do that I’m like a circuit breaker ready to blow. I’m trying to sort through the do’s and apply two or three that may help me move forward on this blog.

Number 1

Just write. Seems easy enough, make a schedule and write.

Number 2

Write like you talk. On one hand this sounds easy, but on the other hand writing like I talk might not always be clear. So, number two feeds right into number three.

Number 3

Keep it short and simple (KISS). I want my message to be readable and understandable. I need to edit and edit guarding against being long-winded.

I need to write often, write like I talk, and keep it short and simple. It will be a piece of cake, right? Okay, not all that easy, but these are three smart principles to practice.

What can you share that you use in your blog writing? What works for you?