Simple Pleasures


I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a running list of simple pleasures. It’s kind of a hybrid of a bucket list and what I’m thankful for list.

In my last post, I shared that I was having some health issues. Well, eight days ago, I had extensive surgery on my neck and throat, not fun, but pretty amazing what modern medicine can do and I would like to give some credit to the miracle body machine we don’t always appreciate. My sister likes to say, “Our body spends twenty-four hours a day healing itself.” and she is right. After seven days, they took out the stitches and a drain. Yesterday, I could shower and wash my hair. I took a full on glorious shower. Then I went and had my hair washed and styled. I felt pretty.

It is the little luxuries that we take for granted. But, yesterday I fully appreciated those two little things.

What would you put on a “Simple Pleasures” list? I love reading your comments. Just click on the black comment box to make a comment. Thank you for reading my blog.  Laurel