What Do Your Passions Say About You?


I’m a rock hound, well, not really, but I do love rocks.  Rocks find me. I have picked rocks up in Death Valley, along the beach at Pismo, and even at a Wendy’s Restaurant in the parking lot.

Why this obsession with rocks? I don’t have an answer. It is something I’ve always had; I’m sure my mom picked rocks out of my pockets when she did the laundry. I’ve always thought rocks were interesting and I wanted to keep them. I like rock gardens, rock waterfalls, and my all time favorite are boulders. I don’t have any boulders. I keep threatening to hire someone to truck in a couple. I think they would look great… one in the front yard and two or three in the back.

I do have large rocks in the front under the trees that came from my dad’s property. My sweet husband lugged them into the truck, brought them home, and arranged them for me. I have six huge crystals that my grandfather dug out of his land in Arkansas. I was lucky enough to inherit them. They are arranged on my back patio. I don’t know if they have healing powers, but I know they speak to my soul and make me feel like I have a piece of my granddad with me. I know he would be happy to know that his crystals have a guardian.

 Oh, and did I mention that I have six rocks that Skylar found for me in Lake Tapps in Washington? My sister-in-law and husband live on the lake and it is literally in their back yard. My daughter, AKA “The Goldfish,” lifted them out, and yes, you guessed it my sweet husband loaded them in the Odyssey and we brought them home. They are large so I accumulated six of them over time.

Where did I get this attraction for rocks? I am not advocating reincarnation, but in the interest of “what if” could I have been a petrologist or maybe a geologist in a previous life? Did you know that sixty percent of Americans believe that reincarnation is possible?  I have to say my vote is still out, but if it is possible, I sure hope I don’t end up like “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble” and come back as a rock in my next life.

Are you part of that sixty percent, and even if you’re not what do your passions say about what you may have been in a previous life?



4 thoughts on “What Do Your Passions Say About You?

  1. Troy Rice

    I never knew you had a passion for rocks. And I never knew the crystals in the backyard belong to Great Granpa. I guess the saying is true; you learn something new everyday.

    My passion is family. I have always wanted my own family. I always wanted a loving wife and a few kids to make it interesting. We have worked hard to get here, my family and I. But we’re string, happy and consistently amused. What more could a guy as for?

    My passion is family. And I enjoy them every minute.

    • Family has always been a passion of yours. You have a beautiful family and I happily wait to see you add to your brood. I wonder what your passion about family could tell you about a past life. Maybe you were an orphan? Hmm.

  2. John McDonald

    One of my passions has been all things Sherlock Holmes. Sure it is the mystery and the resolution, but it is more. It is the fog, the cobblestone streets wwith hansome cabs pulled by clip-clopping horse hooves. It”s the smell of pipe tobacco and brandy. It’s London and the English countryside.

  3. Jennifer Rangel


    I use to have a passion for rocks because my beloved step-dad loved them as well. He use to take Kaylee to look for rocks out in the heated desert. She loved it and still has some very beautiful rocks he gave her. I too have a couple of big rocks in my front yard. I think you should get a couple of boulders and have them hauled in to your home. I am not sure what my passion is but I believe what the gentleman said above. My passion has to be my kids and friends. I enjoy them and love them so much and they have kept me srong and through many trials in my life have pushed me. Your one of those friends.

    Thank you for sharing about the rocks. I had no idea.

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