Wanted: Schedule I Can Live With


I am struggling with managing my time. I need to write, research, read, blog, and in between times I need to cook, clean, garden, take kids to and from school, and……….. Well, you get the picture.

I want to devise a schedule that works for me but has built in flexibility.  Each week brings various scheduling blips… dental or doctor visits, plumbing issues, or one of my kids is sick. My least favorite is taking the cat to the vet. Ha! Ha! Like anyone of these blips could even be my favorite.

I know the minutia of everyday life is part of having a life. Yes, unforeseen events, disasters, and frankly sometimes-pleasant interruptions will interfere with my schedule. I get it. What I don’t get is how to rein myself in, how to discipline myself, and how to devise a schedule that will work for me.

As you can see, I am a work in progress and I can use some good sage advice.

What is a writer to do? Share your ideas and tell me what works for you.

I will think about all the suggestions that anyone offers.          Laurel


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Schedule I Can Live With

  1. Jackie

    Wish I had some constructive solution or suggestion, but as you know, I have similar problems (and fewer reasons). All I’ve ever seen that addresses these difficulties say to schedule your day like a job (I HAVE to do this at 9:00, my job depends on it!), but as former teachers we know that even at our jobs we had to be super flexible. As close as I have come to a schedule is to make a list every night of what I need to accomplish the next day, put it in front of my somputer, and cross off tasks as I complete them. Then (like my old plan book) move unfinished tasks to the next day. Help? If you get any good insights–please share!

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